Specialist Disability Accommodation

A holistic approach to socially-minded investing

ARG provides a turn key solution to investing in SDA, which can become quite a complicated and hands on process.

  • Pre approval
  • Sales & audit
  • SDA management & compliance requirements
See why many commercial property investors are seeking higher yields by investing in Specialist Disability Accommodation.

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End to end accountability, unrivalled ROI

In partnership with ASDA Provider Group, ARG Property is proud to present access to one of the best investment strategies currently on the market.
With a holistic set and forget approach, from the pre-approval process to SDA management and compliance, ARG manage the property in it’s entirety leaving the investor with nothing but strong return on investment.

SDA Dwelling categories

Improved Liveability

Designed to improve ‘liveability’ by incorporating a reasonable level of physical access and enhanced provision for people with sensory, intellectual or cognitive impairment.

Fully Accessible

Designed to incorporate a high level of physical access provision for people with significant physical impairment.


Designed to incorporate a high level of physical access provision and to be very resilient, reducing the likelihood of reactive maintenance and reducing the risk to the participant and the community.

High Physical Support

Designed to incorporate a high level of physical access provision for people with significant physical impairment and requiring very high levels of support

About the build

Our procurement team have strong relationships across the world spanning over 20 years. In addition to this they buy, own and store all of their building supplies in their own local warehouses. This results in a time and cost efficient build.
The slab and roof is made of concrete and poured on site.
All the internal and external walls are built with 200mm Thick Light Weight Concrete — Other builders who use this product only do 75mm thick.

The benefits of building with light weight concrete include:
  • Fire, rot and termite resistant
  • Highly soundproof
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High overall energy efficiency
  • Type of concrete and hence very strong
  • Environmentally friendly, non toxic and doesn’trelease any harmful substances into the home


  • Fire & Termite Proof
  • 200mm Thick Light Weight Concrete Internal & External Walls
  • Ground and Ceiling are poured concrete slabs
  • High Impact Walls & Skirting (limited dents,scuffs and marks frommobility devices)
  • Full Ensuite Every Room
  • Designer Robes to Bedrooms
  • Electric Roller Blinds Throughout
  • Easy Access Automated Front Door (Pin Number + RFID Card + Key Entry)
  • Laminated Glass (Where required)
  • 2700mm Ceilings
  • Floor to Ceiling Windows Throughout (Grey Tinted UV Reflective Glass)
  • Floor to Ceiling Tiles to Bathrooms
  • Ceiling Hoists Provision

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